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16 September 2028 @ 12:32 am
I'm bored of having a locked journal, posts for all! :)
26 June 2013 @ 08:16 pm
I'm so rubbish at keeping up with this.

I've been away to Spain since the last time I updated, so I'm just going to go ahead with some pictures :)

2013-05-27 15.19.59

2013-05-27 15.30.38
I caught this one accidentally, and it's my favourite.

2013-05-27 16.27.50
Barcelona airport.

2013-06-02 10.05.47
Maggie's terrace.

2013-06-04 18.50.05
The boyf.

2013-06-04 18.50.40
Dan, Johnny, Locko. Enjoying some vino tinto on the terrace.

2013-06-05 12.10.04
Silly hat day, also the sunglasses Dan bought me for my birthday. Actual Ray Ban Wayfarers.

2013-06-05 18.55.57
And some (half) naked boys.

We went to the zoo. I took loads of pictures of the animals, but they're all on Dan's camera.



This is a picture of me enjoying Sitges.

Then, on my birthday, we went to PORT AVENTURA!!!








2013-06-24 15.53.30
We bought a fish tank! And by "we", I mean "Dan". It's for a Siamese Fighting Fish (Google it, it's incredible). Pictures of Tony Soprano (we've named it already) when he arrives.

2013-06-26 14.03.05
This is Dan's niece, Lily. I went for a picnic with his brother and his mum.
23 April 2013 @ 03:21 pm
The time of worrying about where my money will be coming from is over.

Starting Thursday, I'm working 11 days, and 13 shifts. It'll work out at about 76 hours all together, give or take.
Which is good! Because I'm booking Dan's and my flight next week.

The plan for this afternoon is attempt some artwork. It's lovely and sunny outside, but it's windy as fuck.

I'm going swimming tomorrow! In a vain attempt to lose weight before we go on holiday (and in general) I'm going to try and teach myself how to swim..
I'm not going by myself, that would be silly. Hopefully the chlorine wont turn my hair green.
22 April 2013 @ 11:07 am
This week not only turned out to be a very expensive week, it was also quite an unhealthy week as well.

On Tuesday I went for lunch with Matthew, and then we went for cocktails. That lead to about £45 and a drunken evening I hadn't planned.

On Wednesday, I went for lunch with Dan and though I stuck with spinach and ricotta cannelloni (which was delicious), it was still a very big lunch.

Friday, I met with Dan and his friends from some more drinks in the evening, and then with Steph for yet more cocktails - though, I was home by 1am.

And on Saturday, we went to watch York City play football (my first football match!) which resulted in various beverages, and then for a very large curry for dinner for our friend's 30th birthday. Then more drinks.

Also, I went for lunch on Sunday with my friend Laura and had dessert. :/

Needless to say, this week I shan't be buying anything at all. And certainly wont be drinking any alcohol.
Today consists of dyeing my hair so it finally matches my roots, and doing some washing.

I may even go through my clothes and get rid of some I don't wear any more.
11 April 2013 @ 04:31 pm
It's my turn to make dinner tonight, so we're having home made pizza with an avocado salad.
On the (home made pizza base) I shall put a pesto sauce, with slices of beef tomato. Low fat mozzarella cheese (crumbled roughly), red and yellow plum tomatoes and basil leaves.

Salad will be some baby leaves with sliced avocado and dressed with lemon juice. :)

And to counteract that healthy meal, we're having Ben and Jerry's ice cream for dessert, haha.

My hair is no lighter than when I started, though it is getting lighter with every wash. Apparently, dark blonde isn't an exaggeration, it is in fact dark.

I'm working all weekend, yet again. Dan has the weekend off, which isn't very fair, though he worked yesterday and today, and I've had them off. In the next couple of weeks we'll both be working all through the week anyway, in preparation for racing.

Plus, we're hopefully going away to Barcelona again at the end of May, just in time for my birthday, so that'll be nice. Two of Dan's friends are coming with us as well, so we're going to go to Razzamataz (massive nightclub that opens till 6am). Most of our time will probably be spent on the beach, however.
04 April 2013 @ 11:18 am
Work is picking up quite a bit now, so hopefully I'll have some more money.
Plus, with more work comes more exercise, so I'll be able to lose some of the weight I've put on. :/

Just purchased myself some hair colour remover, in the hope of leaving my hair dye-free this year and giving it a break. It's been nearly ten years since I started dyeing my hair, so I figured I'd revert back to my natural colour.

Dan's mum is in England at the minute, but she's flying back to Spain on Sunday - we've been for a few dinner's out with her, and I met her brother on Tuesday.
We're (Dan and I) saving up to stay with his mum again at the end of May, to go for my birthday. I am most excited, and even though we don't have any money yet, I'm already looking at flights.

I just love where she lives, it's the most beautiful place I've ever been. The sea is actually blue, and the sand is sand-coloured. The people who live there are wonderful, the only downside is the food is so delicious, that's why I put weight on.

Here's some pictures of some birds we saw yesterday in York.
picturesCollapse )
22 March 2013 @ 03:13 pm
The day after Dan told me about his grandma, she died. He asked me if I'd go to the funeral with him (which is on Tuesday), obviously, I'd go anyway. She was an absolutely delightful woman, and though I only met her once, she still made an impact.
Her and her husband were married for over 60 years, and received a telegram from the Queen congratulating them on 60 years.
Dan's grandad just celebrated his 90th birthday, so I cannot imagine how this man is feeling right now. I suppose the only thing that can console him is to know that his entire family is thinking of him right now.
At least she got to meet her granddaughter before she died.

My "exercise regime" is going slightly better. I've been at work more, walking more and doing a lot more cycling. However, the weather has taken a turn for the worse so I much prefer sitting inside in front of the fire; stupid climate.

This time last year we were complaining about how hot it was in March, of all months. Now, some places have been closed off because there's so much snow. Currently have the fire on, in spring.

My shift has been cancelled tonight, so I'm going to play on Sims while I complain about how chilly it is in here.
14 March 2013 @ 03:08 pm
I'm putting weight on like there's no tomorrow and it's making me quite upset.

I'm going kickboxing with my brother next Tuesday in an attempt to start exercising. The weather is so crummy at the minute, I don't even want to go out on my bike :(
I got caught in a hailstorm, whilst cycling, yesterday and was forced to use my scarf, hat and sunglasses as a shield for my face. My pockets, basket and boots were full of ice.

Trying to eat more healthily, but it's difficult while work is quiet and I'm sat at home doing nothing, wishing for it to be warm.

Hopefully, I'll enjoy kickboxing and it'll help me lost weight, haha

Dan called me earlier and told me his nana has only been given a few days left to live. He's really upset about it, so I bought him an easter egg in the hope of cheering him up slightly.
09 March 2013 @ 03:47 pm
So, my dad's in hospital again. Apparently, he was having chest pains.

I only found out today, though. He went in yesterday, but nobody bothered to tell me. I suppose, had I stayed at Dan's house, I wouldn't have found out at all.

I'm really angry that nobody at all bothered to let me know. Even a text would be fine.
04 March 2013 @ 05:14 pm
Racing was real fun on Saturday. I won in two of six races, and one win was £50. (Y) So, I doubled all of the money I brought for the day.

Unfortunately, on the way home I twisted my ankle because of my ridiculous heels and intoxication.

Today has been really sunny and lovely, but I can barely walk, so I've been stuck on the sofa all day. I wanted to go for a walk into town, but I guess I wont be doing that today.

I've just spent the day looking at nice fabrics to make dresses out of, and watching anime.

I like this one

and this one

No work till Wednesday, but I managed to get two shifts last week. One this week and one next (so far), because Sunday is the start of the week.
Fortunately, I got tax back last month, and took the money out of a savings account my nana set up for me, so I haven't been struggling for money.
I mean, obviously, working more would just be better anyway so I could save money and move out eventually.